Let’s redefine value add

More than another value add program,
it's how we show you we're invested

For more than a year, we’ve been meeting with advisors, like you, to understand the challenges you face day-to-day and the dynamics driving your practice. Then, we met with experts, conducted research, and started to build tools that can help address these challenges. We tested and re-built, working closely with advisors to fine-tune our program.

Introducing a reimagined approach to helping clients address the challenges facing their businesses. Our promise that through the uncertainty of the future, we’ll be by your side providing clarity, guidance, tools, and a plan.

Ideas that build meaningful relationships

With you in mind, we’ve built a robust suite of content and tools, covering existing and emerging trends that will affect your business. You can expect our program to provide in-depth knowledge and actions to help you grow your business, covering a wide range of timely topics, including:

Women & Investing

Human powered

You can’t shake hands with an algorithm or have a conversation with an email blast. At New York Life Investments, we believe in the power of people and are part of a company that has held this belief for over 174 years. It is a deep belief in the value of advice and guidance. An appreciation for the special bond between an advisor and a client. While trends come and go, we’ve seen that when guidance, advice, and partnership converge—something truly special happens.

Our inspiration

Curiosity led us beyond asset management.

It drove us to look at leaders, innovators, and disruptors in other categories. We sought to relentlessly understand how we could leverage their learning and deliver real value for advisors. How we could make them better and help make their relationships with clients and colleagues more impactful.

Flip the icons below to learn about what inspired us and where we're going.

Engaging Videos

A range of videos that distill complicated topics in a simple, entertaining, and engaging way.

Robo Assist

A seamless blend of robo and human. Allowing for a human touch in a virtual world.

App-powered progress

Merging entertainment and education to create informative how-to’s that advisors will want to use.

convening community

Creating a real-world space for advisors to build community and share resources.

analog keepsakes

An analog broadsheet that provides advisors with real-world artifacts that they can give to their clients.

accessible education

An educational series that provides advisors with in-person training on the topics that will impact them.


More than investing. Invested.