Balance performance potential with principles, through ESG investing.

As demand continues to increase, it is clear that sustainable investing isn't a passing fad. Neither are we.
Our years of experience, expertise, and insights can help investors balance their personal values
with investment value.

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Sustainable Investing

More than $30 trillion1 has been invested in sustainable assets worldwide. Learn more about the benefits and opportunities of ESG investing.

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Long before it was a popular investment, we saw ESG as a logical one. With more than 20 years of experience charting the course in ESG investments, Candriam has deep expertise to offer. Let us help you to navigate this complex landscape.

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Our spectrum of ESG solutions

Our investment boutiques have deep expertise to offer and utilize various approaches to sustainable investing,
providing a spectrum of solutions to help meet the needs of the values-driven investor.

Eliminates companies that meet certain criteria — whether due to ethical reasons or poor ESG profiles

Explicit consideration of ESG factors in financial selection and investment decisions

Selection of the highest rated ESG companies in their sector

Investments aiming for social or environmental good alongside financial returns, often aligned with ESG themes

The content displayed above is subject to change. Please note that other asset managers/investors may categorize their products differently than what is displayed above.